1. zeezrom:

    Young Girl Facing Left

    Odilon Redon

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  2. Happiness, knowledge, not in another place, but this place—not for another hour, but this hour…
    — Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, from "A Song For Occupations" (via liquidnight)

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  3. art-and-fury:

    Lady with Fan - Gustav Klimt


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  4. hadrian6:

    Athena Giustiniani. Roman copy attributed to Phidias. Vatican Museums.


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  5. onereedyear:

    Henry O. Tanner -The Disciples See Christ Walking on the Water , 1907



  7. werk1975:


    Remedios Varo. The Earth. 1938.

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  8. classic-art:

    The Coat of Many Colours

    Ford Madox Brown, 1864-1866

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  9. onereedyear:

    Vincent van Gogh - Head of an Angel , after Rembrandt


  10. mini-girlz:

    Roman Period Bronze Sculpture of Isis-Aphrodite

    Origin: Egypt
    Circa: 2 nd Century AD to 3 rd Century AD
    Dimensions: 18” (45.7cm) high
    Collection: Egyptian
    Style: Roman Period
    Medium: Bronze

    This large, accomplished figure was hollow cast via the lost-wax method. Her eyes were originally inlaid. She is depicted in the contraposto pose, in which the weight of the body is supported by the right leg while the left leg recedes and is moved slightly to the left. Her right arm is bent at the elbow and is held in front of the right side of the hip. The tips of the thumb and index finger meet to form a circle while the remaining fingers of that hand are spread. The circular form suggests that she was holding an attribute now lost in that hand. Her accessories include sandals laced high up on the ankle, an armlet and a broad collar from which is suspended a cordiform pendant. The pendant may be a heart amulet. An elaborate foliate headdress rising from a tiara-like base completes her accessories. The predominant form of the floral elements of the headdress are palmettes while the tiara-like base is fronted by an uraeus, the sacred, protecting cobra of ancient Egypt, over which, in the centre of the foliate elements, is a miniature composite element consisting of double ostrich feather plumes and a sun disc. Her long hair is parted in the center and coiffed in waves over each side of the head with its ends formed into cork-screw locks, one of their luxurious and sinuous ends resting on each shoulder.

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  11. ambrose-and-wether:

    Untitled, Ambrose & Wether
    Wet-plate collodion on anodized aluminum
    6” x 4”

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  12. Ian Miller



  14. abdmasoud:

    Do not go without me

    Whirling dervish Sufi dancers in motion embraced through the poisy and wisdome of mawlana jalal al-din rumi

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  15. drakontomalloi:

    Attributed to Giorgione - Lady with a Unicorn. N.d., around 1510

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